Who are we?

We want to start a conversation about the things that bring us together and strengthen the ICT community in our region. Here are some of our main goals:

    • Positioning our region on the world tech map
    • Discovering factors that influence salary level in the tech community
    • Providing valuable insights about the tech community
    • Helping to connect tech enthusiasts across the region


We truly believe in the power of networking and creating something important that can move the ICT industry forward by giving valuable insights and enabling knowledge sharing, regardless of the politics, our individual differences or the origin of ajvar.

In the core of our work are transparency, connectivity and education.


Salaries are still a sensitive topic for many people in the tech world, and we want to change that. We truly believe that pay transparency is a good thing as it allows people to determine where they are in comparison to others, and to discover if they’re being underpaid. It’s important that everyone knows their worth.


“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” – African proverb

Heard of a stereotype that all tech people are introverts who prefer to do things alone? So have we, and we know that it’s not true. That is why we want to set a new narrative. It’s time to bust common myths by creating a community that enables new insights and makes networking and innovation easier.


After we determine what are the strengths and pain points in our region, we want to help to educate our community. Knowledge has no worth unless it is shared.

Together, we can discover what makes us stand out in the competitive world market.

This is larger than us. It’s about the ICT community in the Balkans as a whole.

Whether you are an IT expert or just interested in the topic, everyone can contribute in making this happen. There is nothing more precious than quality connections, that can spark learning and innovation. Together, we can gain more.

Are you in?

P.S. For now we are a small team from Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, but we are looking for representatives from other Slavic countries as well (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovenia). Reach out if you want to help us on our mission!

If you want to hear more or have an idea to share, feel free to hit us up on the form below!

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